The Barista's Ultimate Guide to Coffee

Want to learn more about coffee? Tired of making coffee drinks that give you a headache? The coffee you make at home just doesn't compare to what you purchase in a coffee shop? Read on... here you will find out about the history of coffee and how it has gone from a regional elixir to a worldwide commodity. You will learn how drinks prepared from coffee evolved and how technology has changed the way we consume it. You will learn how to identify where your beans come from just by the taste. Read about the way coffee is roasted and why grinding coffee at home makes such a difference to the final product. Tired of black filter coffee? Then find out about the different ways of brewing coffee at home. Here you will read about different home brewing equipment and the best way to use each one. Ever tried cold brew? Find tips on how to easily make your own coffee concentrate. Plus you will find the best tips and techniques used by baristas that you can apply in your own kitchen!